Terms of use

Tickets/ Booking
The purchase of a ticket entitles the bearer access to the performance named at the stated time and date.
It is your responsibility to check your tickets as we are under no obligation to rectify mistakes after purchase of tickets.  We are not obliged to replace lost or stolen tickets.


How do I book a ticket online?
Book online at www.brunswickmoviebowl.com


Can I book via other means than online (e.g. via telephone)?
Sure, telephone bookings can be made on 028 71 371999 or you can book in person during normal opening hours.  Tickets can be purchased from any tillpoint within the Brunswick Moviebowl complex.


What payment methods do you accept?
Tickets can be purchased in the UK & Ireland using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro/Switch, Solo, Revolout & Visa Electron.


How do I know that my booking is confirmed?
You will get a booking reference number at the end of the booking process as well as an email confirming your booking.


Once I have booked tickets online, how do I collect them?
You can collect your tickets from any till point within the complex or from any of the  automatic ticket machines located in the cinema foyer (x2).  You must remember to bring the card used during the booking process as this may be required to locate and issue your booking or to confirm identification.


Please ensure that you arrive well in advance of your performance in order to pick up your tickets. If you arrive after the performance has started, admission may be refused to avoid disruption to guests already seated in the cinema.


If your booking contains a student ticket, you may be required to show your student ID at the cinema.  A student is anyone (post primary) in full-time education.


I’ve made a mistake with my booking – what should I do?
Please call us on 028 71 371999 if this happens or email movies@brunswickmoviebowl.com and we will endeavour to remedy any mistakes.


Can I add extra seats to an existing booking?
We currently operate assigned seating on all shows. To add additional seating please book additional seats online (www.brunswickmoviebowl.com), by telephone (028 71 371999) or in person anywhere within the Brunswick Moviebowl complex.


I want to book a ticket for a date which isn’t displayed.
We sometimes have to wait until the film distribution companies fully confirm details about a film before we can put tickets on sale. As soon as we know the film times they will be displayed on the website – usually this results in the tickets for the week commencing Friday appearing on the website no later than the previous Wednesday.


Some film releases go on sale a few weeks before their release date after agreement with the film distributors. To ensure you are informed about advance sales of key films, you can register with the Brunswick Moviebowl newsletter or become a fan on our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/brunswickmoviebowl.


Why do you charge a booking fee?
The booking fee covers the additional costs incurred by the cinema relating to your online purchase.  The transaction charge is £0.90p per transaction.  There is no additional charges for telephone bookings.


Can you resell tickets?
You must not resell or offer for resale any tickets (whether at a premium or otherwise) or use tickets for advertising or promotions or for any other trade purposes. If you resell or offer for resale any tickets, then they will be invalid.


Do I require ID to purchase a cinema ticket?
In some cases, yes. ID may be required for 12, 12A, 15 & 18 certificate films. A valid Student ID may be required when purchasing student tickets. In the event of a dispute, the cinema manager’s decision is final.


What does the term ‘Free List Suspended’ (FLS) mean?
When you see the term ‘Free List Suspended’ beside a particular film title, this means that some types of Free Tickets, cannot be used by a customer to see that film. In most cases this applies to the first two weeks after a film’s release date. This is a standard condition of the film distributors, Universal, 20th Century Fox, etc.


How can I find out what a film is about?
Just check out our Now Showing page or Cinema page and click on the relevant movie.


Why can’t I find out what times the films will be showing next month?
Like most cinemas, we can only work on our film programme one week at a time and just under a week in advance. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason is that each week we have to analyse the previous weekend’s screenings and look at how each of the films have performed. This is so we can bring together a programme, which has the most popular films showing at the most convenient times for the benefit of our audiences. In the case of ‘big event movies’ we always try to have the times programmed for sale several weeks in advance. Normally by the Wednesday of each week you can start booking your tickets for the forthcoming weekend’s new releases.


If I have booked two tickets am I guaranteed my two seats?

We currently operate assigned seating on all shows.  Therefore, the seats you choose at the time of booking will be the seats allocated to you when you arrive for your showing.


If you see the Book Now Image is booking available?
On occasion for any big releases or “event” movies, booking can begin several weeks in advance, so it is always a good idea to keep your eye on what’s coming soon!


Is it safe to use your website for online booking?
Yes. The Web Booking Engine that we use utilises 128-bit encrypted SSL (secure socket layer) technology, which is standard for all online Credit Card transactions.


Is my personal information kept private and secure?
Yes, Brunswick Moviebowl is very respectful about the privacy concerns of all our customers. All the personal information you enter when registering / booking with us is kept on secure servers and is not supplied or sold to any third party. However we sometimes need to use e-mail addresses / mobile phone numbers and other personally identifiable information to contact customers when we may be required to do so, e.g. Credit Card Fraud or Police Investigations.


Can I make an online / phone booking with Vouchers & Complimentary passes?
Gift Vouchers can be redeemed online but not complimentary passes.  Complimentary passes can only redeemed in person, at the cinema.


If I collect my pre-booked tickets can I still get them refunded if I give enough notice?
Yes. As long as collected tickets are presented in person at least 2 hours pre-show, we can refund them for you. We will not refund collected tickets over the phone or by email.


Does the cardholder need to be present when I’m collecting my tickets?


For your protection against fraud we strongly recommend that the cardholder is present to collect tickets. If the cardholder cannot be present on the day, they can collect the tickets anytime between making the booking and the day of the screening during normal opening hours.


Where can I collect my tickets from?


You can collect your tickets from the cinema till points or from the Automatic Ticket Machines. You can also collect your tickets from any till point within the Brunswick Moviebowl complex.


How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

At the end of your booking you will be given a unique reference number. Please keep a note of this number, as you will need to bring it along with your card when you collect your tickets at the cinema. You will also receive an email to confirm your booking.


What is a CVV / CVV-2 Code that I am being asked for?


The Card Verification Value Code (CVV) is a 3 Digit code on the back of your credit card that is used for authorisation purposes.


Can I book my tickets now for any of the Movies that are in the Coming Soon Pages?


Most weeks users will be able to book for films that appear in our coming soon pages. As a general rule, any of the coming soon films that have a release date of the following Friday will be open for booking several days before it goes on release.


Can I request a ticket cancellation by e-mail?


No. Unfortunately we cannot cancel bookings by e-mail. If you think you may have made a mistake with your booking or need to cancel your tickets for whatever reason then please call us on 028 71 371999 and we will endeavour to resolve the issue.


How long before my movie do I need to give notice if I wish to cancel my tickets?


Due to the nature of our business we can only offer ticket cancellations / refunds up to two hours before a show.


I think my credit card might have been overcharged. What do I do?


If you feel that you may have been overcharged then please send us a copy of your statement with everything else blanked out except the charges in question by email (movies@brunswickmoviebowl.com), fax (028 71 269072) or post to us at Brunswick Moviebowl, Brunswick Lane, Pennyburn, BT48 0LU.


For security reasons we cannot refund disputed transactions without proof that you have been overcharged.  No correspondence will be entered into if you do not follow the correct procedures.


Why are some films not shown at Brunswick Moviebowl?


In situations where the film distribution companies only print a small amount of copies of a film, they usually limit the number of cinemas in an area that can show the film. Film selections are changed weekly at each cinema.  Please inform us and we will endeavour to schedule the movie at an alternative time.




At what age does someone have to pay the adult ticket price?


All guests aged 15 years and over will be charged the adult ticket price.  We offer a student discount to guests in full time education if they hold a valid form of ID.  A student is anyone (post primary) in full time education with a valid student ID.


Why do you charge an online booking fee?


The nominal fee set by the cinema covers the costs associated with purchasing your tickets online.  This charge is currently £0.90p per transaction.


Admission Prices


Matinee (before 4.45pm) (Adults & Children) – £5.50


Child (up to 14 years of age) – £5.50


Adult – £7.00


Student (post primary with proof of being in full time education)/ OAP (proof required) – £6.00


Crazy Tuesdays (All tickets every Tuesday) – £3.50


Online Booking Charge – £0.90p per transaction


3D Glasses £1.50 (keep these and re-use).  No charge for 3D.


Film Ratings


What do all the different Film Ratings mean?



    • U – Universal Suitable for all ages


    • PG – Parental Guidance


    • 12 – No-one younger than 12 may see a ‘12’ film in a cinema


    • 12A – No-one younger than 12 may see a ‘12A’ film in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult aged 18 & over


    • 15 – No-one younger than 15 may see a ‘15’ film in a cinema


    • 18 – No-one younger than 18 may see an ‘18’ film in a cinema.



What does a 12A certificate mean?


12A is a recent change in classifications in the UK. It means that the BBFC have classified the film unsuitable for children under 12. However, children under 12 may still watch the film, as long as they are accompanied by someone over 18 at all times during the showing. Advice is given regarding the content of the film and the ADULT must decide if it is appropriate for the accompanying child.




Can I add extra seats to an existing booking?


Yes.  Additional seats can be purchased online (www.brunswickmoviebowl.com), by telephone (028 71 371999) or in person anywhere within the Brunswick Moviebowl complex.  Please arrive early to ensure you get your seat preference.


If I have booked two tickets am I guaranteed my two seats?


We currently operate assigned seating on all shows.  Therefore, the seats you choose at the time of booking will the seats allocated to you when you arrive for your showing.


If I am running late for the film will my seat be held?


Yes.  We currently operate assigned seating on all shows.  Therefore, the seats you choose at the time of booking will the seats allocated to you when you arrive for your showing.  Your seats will not be offered to another customer unless you have chosen to cancel/refund your tickets.


Is your seating allocated?


We currently operate assigned seating on all shows.  Therefore, the seats you choose at the time of booking will the seats allocated to you when you arrive for your showing.




At what age does someone have to pay the adult ticket price?


All guests aged 15 years and over will be charged the adult ticket price. However we offer a student discount to guests in full time education if they hold a valid form of ID.


Do I require ID to purchase a cinema ticket?


In some cases, yes. ID may be required for 12, 12A, 15 & 18 certificate films. A valid Student ID may be required when purchasing student tickets. In the event of a dispute, the cinema manager’s decision is final.


Can I take my 13 year old son into a 15 rated film even if he is accompanied by me?


This is not a parental decision to make and by law Cinemas must do as much as possible to ensure that children do not gain entry to films which are not suitable for them as set out in the ratings guidelines. Identification as proof of age may be required.


Can I bring a baby into a film? Do I have to pay for them?


We try to accommodate babies as best we can, age restrictions apply. We ask that you respect other customer’s enjoyment of the film and if your baby becomes distressed we ask that you leave the auditorium or we may ask you to leave. For a baby in your arms and under two there is no charge.  We also plan on having special mother and baby screenings.


Are unaccompanied children admitted to the Cinema?


We reserve the right to refuse admission to children who are unaccompanied by an adult.  We would recommend that all kids attending Kids Club be accompanied by an adult.


Do you cater for / organise kids parties?


We have a large variety of kids parties to choose from, please see the special offers section for full details.  We have kids parties here every day so we have it down to a fine art!  We also offer group discounts.  Call 028 71 371999, email movies@brunswickmoviebowl or ask in the centre for more details.


Kids Club

Kids Club runs every Saturday & Sunday and all tickets are priced at £2.00.  Additional screenings of Kids Club will take place during school holidays.  Please check www.brunswickmoviebowl.com or become a fan of our facebook page, www.facebook.com/brunswickmoviebowl for listings, show times etc   


What is the Kids Club and do I need to be a member?


Kids Club showings are family movies that are shown for a reduced rate at the weekends and holiday periods.  You do not need to be a member… don’t forget to bring the kids though!


Promotions/ Concessions




Sometimes you’re hungry for more than a movie. When you need to find ways to tame your growling belly, look no further than our concessions.


Are there any deals on Brunswick Moviebowl concessions?


Brunswick Moviebowl runs discounts on its combo meals available at the kiosk.  We also run additional offers throughout the year in conjunction with other venues within the complex.  Please see the special offers section of this website for current offers.


Is Brunswick Moviebowl part of Meerkat Movies?


Brunswick Moviebowl take part in Meerkat Movies promotion.


Gift Cards


Movies and Concessions, 10 Pin Bowling, Bananas Adventure Park, Marthas Vineyard and the Boulevard Café Diner can all be yours with Brunswick Moviebowl Gift Cards.  These can be puchased online (www.brunswickmoviebowl.com), over the phone (028 71 371999) or in person from any tillpoint within the Brunswick Moviebowl complex.  These are the perfect gifts for individuals or families for birthdays, Christmas or any occassion.  Please remember Gift Cards can be used ANYWHERE within the complex so they are ideal for all the family.


Private Screenings


We can arrange private screenings, ticket packages and professional meeting space, all here at Brunswick Moviebowl.  Call 028 71 371999, email movies@brunswickmoviebowl or ask in the centre for more details.


Donations, Tickets & Charity Events


Brunswick Moviebowl is proud to reach out and go the extra mile in the community we serve.  Find out more on how Brunswick Moviebowl gives back by contacting us on movies@brunswickmoviebowl.com or calling 028 71 371 999.


What about screen hire?


We offer tailor made screen hire and events for corporate clients, businesses and large groups. Please contact us on 028 71 371999, email movies@brunswickmoviebowl.com or call in and speak to us for more details.  We will be very happy to talk to you.


Do you supply free tickets to charities / fundraising events?


Please put requests of this kind in writing on official letterheaded paper for the charity or organisation and send it to our address: Brunswick Moviebowl, Brunswick Lane, Pennyburn Industrial Estate, BT48 0LU.




Please do not spoil the enjoyment of others.


Please ensure that mobile phones and pagers are set not to ring during performances.


Guide and hearing dogs are welcome but other animals are not permitted on the premises.


We reserve the right to delay or refuse the admittance of latecomers.  Management also reserve the right to refuse admission.


Code of Conduct


In an effort to provide a guest-friendly environment, we ask that you read and follow the Brunswick Moviebowl Code of Conduct.


We are required by law to refuse admission to a film performance to anyone who in the opinion of the Duty Manager is below or appears to be below the minimum age required by the relevant classification of the British Board of Film Classification or local authority. Proof of age may be required by us.


Children unaccompanied by an adult may not be admitted at certain times of the day.


Brunswick Moviebowl reserves the right to refuse admission, or require persons to leave the premises (without providing a refund) when persons:



    • Might be a risk to the safety of others.


    • Appear to be intoxicated and/or are behaving in an antisocial way. Please note that CCTV is in operation for the purpose of crime prevention and public safety.


    • Who is smoking on the premises.


    • Who brings cameras or recording equipment into the auditoria (and we reserve the right to carry out random bag checks). It is an offence to make a recording of a film for sale or to distribute or communicate a recording to the public in the course of business and to the prejudice of the copyright owner. Anyone making such a recording may be arrested and prosecuted.


    • Please look after your belongings as we accept no responsibility for loss or damage to them, however caused.





Do you show films in 3D?


Yes, RealD 3D.  RealD 3D is the new generation of entertainment, with crisp, bright, ultra realistic images so lifelike you feel like you’ve stepped inside the movie. RealD 3D adds depth that puts you in the thick of the action, whether you’re taking a voyage through an undiscovered land or dodging objects that seem to fly into the theatre.  RealD 3D movies are so advanced that you don’t just see what’s happening on the screen, you can really feel it. Don’t just watch a movie, experience a new dimension of entertainment with RealD 3D.


RealD pioneered today’s digital 3D and is the world’s most widely used 3D movie technology. RealD 3D is 100% digital so it delivers a stunningly realistic and fully immersive entertainment experience every time. And unlike the old days of paper glasses, RealD 3D glasses look like sunglasses, are recyclable and designed to comfortably fit on all moviegoers.  3D Glasses are available in childs, adults and clip-on’s.


How does 3D work?


During the making of 3D films, two cameras are used for each shot, providing two slightly different viewpoints for every moment. These become separate streams of images – one for each eye. During a 3D movie, the projector plays a left-eye image, then a right eye image one after the other, so quickly that you think they’re playing at the same time.


Your 3D eye-wear shows each eye the correct image and your brain fools you into seeing a three dimensional image when, in reality, there are just two.


3D Glasses


You only need to purchase glasses once, keep them safe and clean and reuse them again and again.


Glasses are available at all tillpoints in the cinema.


If you scratch or damage your 3D glasses it may spoil your enjoyment of your 3D experience and we would encourage you to purchase a new pair.


Do you show films in Digital format?


Brunswick Moviebowl is a fully digital cinema 2k & 4k technology projectors.




We support the principles of the Disability Discriminations Act (1995) and are committed to recognising and responding to our guests with special needs.


It is our intention, wherever possible, that our premises and facilities are accessible whatever the nature of disability.


All screens are fully accessible with auditorium spaces available in all screens for guests utilising wheelchairs and accessible toilet facilities.


This web site has been designed with guest satisfaction in mind along with providing a premium entertainment experience — we want you to get around, find the information for which you are looking and have a good time. While we have worked to provide a web site that is accessible to as many people as possible, please contact us if you are having any problems with the site.


Do you show subtitled or audio described movies?


We have the technical facilities to show both subtitled and audio described movies.  Please contact us if you are interested in either of these and we will be happy to do everything we can to assist.  movies@brunswickmoviebowl.com or call us on 028 71 371 999


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General Terms



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    • We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone into the complex.


    • Anyone who is misbehaving will be asked to leave and no refunds will be issued.


    • We operate a non smoking policy.






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    • As we regularly review our pricing policy, price information is subject to change without notice.






    • Bookings may be made in person, over the telephone (028 71 371999) or online (www.brunswickmoviebowl.com).


    • For larger bookings please contact us directly on 028 71 371999 for our most competitive rates.


    • A credit/debit card is required for all online bookings.






    • Bookings may be cancelled pre-show by contacting us in person or by telephone.  Please note that 2 hours pre-show notice is required for cancellations.






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